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Fast synchronisation between several accounts

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 Link your CrewBrain account with other companies

In a staff-intensive industry such as the event industry, it is common for many companies to request staff from partner companies. If both companies use the CrewBrain for their personnel planning, they can benefit twice. Through our API interface, all requests and feedback between two CrewBrain systems can be synchronized. In this way, both companies not only save time, but also have a full overview of the current situation and all outstanding requests.

Job overview

 Bring collaboration to a new level

With automatic synchronization you receive all the relevant information in your CrewBrain and you do not have to ask or call your client. All the data and facts concerning you are directly available in your system and fit perfectly into your other jobs.

For whom the subcontractor synchronization is suitable

The synchronization is suitable for all those clients who are requested by other companies via the CrewBrain as a subcontractor. As soon as the synchronization is set up, all jobs and other information are automatically transferred to your own account and can be processed from there - including the feedback to the requesting company. In this way, you do not have to memorize several CrewBrain logins and can process the requests of your client directly in your CrewBrain and, above all, immediately allocate your own staff for the corresponding jobs.

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Setup the subcontractor synchronization

The precondition for the subcontractor synchronization is that you have been added by your client in his CrewBrain as a subcontractor and can log in to his CrewBrain . If these preconditions are fulfilled, you can create a client record for your client in the base data of the CrewBrain account of your company. In the client data record you will find a section "Subcontractor connection" in which you enter the URL of your client as well as the registration data. If the accounts were successfully linked, you can query a list of all jobs.

Client database

 Automatic or manual synchronization

As soon as you are requested by your client, the respective job is automatically synchronized to your account. However, this only applies to jobs for which you are requested as a subcontractor after setting up the connection. If you also want to synchronize older requests, you can do this at any time via the client record by retrieving your job list and synchronizing individual jobs there. In this way, you can also manually synchronize already synchronized jobs at any time.


Feedback to the client

Within a synchronized job, you can directly see the information that your client has stored for you in his CrewBrain account. In addition, you can enter your own information, assign the requested categories to your own categories, and request your own employees. In the blue header of these events, you will also find a synchronization icon, via which you can update all data or display the request data of the client. There is also the possibility of depositing the availability for your client without having to login in the client's CrewBrain.

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Easy handling

After a test phase in the fall of 2022, we have been using CrewBrain as our central project and scheduling tool since December. Above all, the simple handling for creating projects lasting several days and the personnel and vehicle scheduling integrated into it have simplified our daily routine. Personnel scheduling conflicts are a thing of the past. The integration of freelancers and service providers also simplifies our daily work routine. In addition, we use the time recording for our employees and the resulting evaluation of the individual projects for controlling. All in all, a really good and work-saving software in connection with a very good support, which also fulfills special requests.

Billmann Event GmbHMarkus Urbon, Operations Manager
Billmann Event GmbH

Can't imagine our everyday work without it

We have been using CrewBrain 2021 for all our staff and vehicle planning and are super satisfied with the software. We can't imagine our everyday work without CrewBrain. It offers numerous options that make scheduling much easier and simpler for us. We also use add-ins such as the driver's logbook and the electronic first-aid book to drive our digitalization forward. The extremely fast and friendly support is particularly noteworthy, which makes working together very pleasant.

RheinlandAkustik VT GmbHPhilipp Suckrau, Managing Director
RheinlandAkustik VT GmbH

Very pleased.

When it came to a decision on a software for personnel planning, several solutions were available. We are happy to have chosen CrewBrain. The possibilities to plan each project very quickly and in detail have grown enormously for us. The program has been optimized several times in a meaningful way and helps to reach our goals faster in our daily work.

Sinus Event-Technik GmbHThorsten Schmidt, Managing Director
Sinus Event-Technik GmbH

The ideal tool

For a long time, we were looking for a scheduling software that would make our daily work comprehensively and sensibly easier. We became aware of CrewBrain in the summer of 2016. After six months of intensive cooperation, we were able to fully integrate CrewBrain into our daily work in 2017. Since then, our time expenditure for project and personnel planning has halved. Our employees benefit from the good overview and the mobile app. Practical features such as travel expense accounting and special views are gradually being added to make our daily work much easier.

BigRig Berlin GmbHMalte Jäger, Managing Director
BigRig Berlin GmbH

Good and fast service

Since we have been using CrewBrain for our entire personnel planning, the daily time expenditure for our dispatchers has decreased significantly. But above all the employees appreciate the new overview via web and app very much and for our project managers CrewBrain has also become an important tool. We also appreciate the very good and fast service, as well as the constant further development, whereby our individual needs are always taken into account.

mls magic light & sound GmbHDavid Floss, Operations Manager
mls magic light & sound GmbH

Intuitive and flexible

At that time, we were looking for a solution to effectively plan and reach internal as well as external staff. CrewBrain stood out because of the easy connection to external service providers and the great app for employees. Software solutions often offer a static weekly schedule which is not very close to day-to-day operations for our industry. The job-based scheduling is great for our purposes. It was also important to us to what extent individual wishes and suggestions can be integrated. CrewBrain is very open and flexible in this area. Within a very short period of time, we were able to implement an interface to our order processing tool, which makes day-to-day business even easier.

BENZ & CO. Gastronomie GmbHJochen Stubner, Head of Controlling/Purchasing
BENZ & CO. Gastronomie GmbH

The right package for every purpose.

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