Latest innovations on the GigPlaner

Latest innovations and a preview on the Prolight + Sound

Dear customers,

the countdown to Prolight + Sound is running, from the 2nd to the 5th of April we present the GigPlaner again in Frankfurt and are available for all your questions and answers. Today I would like to inform you with this update information about a new version of the GigPlaner, which will be available to you from tomorrow as usual.

In addition to the information on the features of the new GigPlaner version, this update information also includes a brief preview of the trade fair in the first week of April.

I hope you enjoy reading the update info and wish you continued success with the GigPlaner

Sven Schlotthauer


Extended rights management

The rights management has become an extensive configuration tool in the past versions. The concept for access rights, which we introduced at the end of 2017, allows for any combination of rights for a wide variety of needs. At the same time, many customers wish to be able to grant the rights even more granular.

Sick notes

For sick notes there are now two rights. Employees may hereby be authorized to register their own sick notes (for themselves) or sick notes for other employees.

Holiday Categories

So far, the holiday overview could only be released as a whole for reading or writing to the users, so that the holiday categories of other employees were automatically visible. These can now be configured as separate rights, so that employees can see the availability of all employees on request, but not the reasons. In this way, no conclusions can be drawn on any holiday entitlements of other employees.

Rights for reports

The print reports within the events can now be activated or deactivated individually for the employees in the user groups. This makes it possible to give normal employees or project managers access to, for example, the list of participants. However, an employee who can edit an event always has access to all reports.

Individual rights for base data

For many base data categories, individual rights can now be assigned for subsections of the data. This applies, for example, to emergency contacts of employees and freelancers or contact persons of locations and customers. Also possible are access to notes or documents.

CSV export for job data

In addition to the print reports, it is now also possible in the jobs to export the data in CSV format. This makes it possible to process the data in a different form if required. The job data itself can be exported (title, period, additional data, etc. including all sub-jobs), the employee list (with the data of the list of participants) as well as the personnel plan, which is especially useful for large jobs with many sub-jobs.

Calculation & Invoice inserts

In the calculation of a job and in the invoice inserts, minimum hours and daily rate hours can now be specified in the same way as for statements of employees. This allows a more accurate calculation, in addition, minimum hourly rates or overtime at daily rates can now also be applied to your clients like you can do with your employees.

Project manager

For some versions project managers can already be added to the jobs. These have additional rights, such as the ability to record working hours for other employees in the job. So far, however, it has not been possible to filter for project managers in the calendar. As of this version, the filters have been extended so that project managers can also filter for their jobs. This applies to the calendar as well as to the "job filter" and "current jobs" dashboard widgets.

Preview of the Prolight + Sound

Last year we were able to present the new dashboard for the GigPlaner at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt - and this year there will be news on the fair too. The biggest point is the implementation of the GigPlaner in Spanish, so that the system is available to our customers in four languages, making it ideal for large companies operating across borders. In addition, you will get a first look at the new features that are currently under development regarding the recording of working hours.

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