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Various extensions and a new language

Dear customers,

the year is drawing to a close and I would like to introduce you to a last new GigPlaner version for this year. At the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many suggestions and feedback. In the past year, we have continued to develop the GigPlaner and have added many new and useful features, and of course we want to continue doing so in the coming year.

The GigPlaner is growing steadily and is now gaining more and more popularity across Europe and beyond. In order to take this internationalization into account, we will be offering the GigPlaner in addition to German and English in French. The new language can already be selected in the system under My Account and soon our website will also be available in French.

Of course, this last version for this year contains not only the new language, but also a variety of optimizations, which I would like to introduce you to in the following. The new version will be available to you as usual from tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy reading the update info and wish you a quiet and contemplative pre-Christmas time

Sven Schlotthauer


Statement & Time recording

Also in this version, the larger adjustments in the statement & time recording feature continue. After we implemented extensions to the flex-time capping and the payment method of surcharges in the last month, there are some new surcharge variants with this version. In future, surcharges for additional work or certain categories are possible. In addition, there are some minor optimizations, which should also be mentioned at this point.

Surcharges for overtime work

For all employees with statements or time recording, it is possible from this version to calculate surcharges for overtime work. If an employee works more than a certain number of hours, he can automatically receive a percentage surcharge.

Surcharges for categories

For employees with statements it has long been possible to deposit different hourly or daily rates for different categories. From this version, this will also be possible in the form of surcharges for employees with time recording. It is now possible to define that an employee receives a percentage surcharge for a certain category - in addition, it can be defined whether this surcharge should be paid in addition to other surcharges or whether in this case only this surcharge should apply.

Minimum hours for statements

For employees with hourly wages, it is now possible to define for each category whether or not there is a minimum number of hours to be paid in each case, regardless of the hours worked. From this version on it is also possible to depict contractual arrangements with a minimum payout per event.

Rounds of working hours

If the working hours are to be automatically rounded, this can be set in the settings under the point statements for a long time already. So far, however, it was only possible to round the working hours to quarter hours, from now on it is also possible here to round the working hours to half an hour.

Copy working hours

Within a job, working hours can also be copied from other employees. This way you can save a lot of typing, especially when using target times. New from this version is that while copying the times you can overwrite already existing times. This way - even after a job - the working hours can be easily adapted for all employees. It is also possible to activate the function "Take over working times" by user group right also for employees who do not have edit rights for jobs.

Favorite filters

The filter options in the calendar, the statistics or in the availability view are already in active use. However, the filters must be re-selected after each login, which requires unnecessary additional time. From now on it is therefore possible to save the filters in the form of filter favorites. These can then be quickly and easily selected and deselected via buttons in the calendar. Of course, the filters can also be changed later or new filters can be created from existing ones.

Contact persons for jobs

In addition to the option of choosing the client for a job, a contact person for the client can be chosen from this version onwards. This is displayed to those employees who are allowed to see the client and contact in the job (controlled by a corresponding right in the user group). In this way, employees can quickly and easily contact the client's contact person.

Processing options in the sub-job list

Within the sub-job list of a main job, there are new editing options as of this version. Employees can edit the availability for the sub-jobs in this view for some time, now it is also possible for disponents and administrators to quickly and easily remove different attributes of the sub-jobs from the list. These include planning finished and the job probability, other attributes can be changed as usual via the short record function.

Further adjustments

  • In the settings it can now be defined individually for each holiday category, whether or not an employee, who currently has holidays in this category, can be requested in a job or not.
  • Documents can be stored for work instructions. For example, it is now possible to provide signed company agreements in their original form.
  • In the My Jobs view in the WebApp it is now also possible to select any other employee for disponents and administrators. This way, you can quickly see where a particular employee is currently on the move.
  • In the settings, the color of the PDF headings can be adjusted. Thus, the color scheme can be adapted to the own company logo, which could already be deposited for the PDFs.
  • For additional data, there is a new type "Dropdown menu". This type can be used to generate dropdowns with predefined selections.
  • The editor for the descriptions has been enhanced to offer, among other things, the ability to set the font size. At the same time there is a so-called unformat function with which existing formatting (for example from Word) can be easily and quickly removed.
  • Clashes of dates for individual employees are now also displayed in the weekly view.
  • Project managers and disponents can now be contacted directly in the desktop as well as in the WebApp view. This allows employees to communicate faster.
  • Since the last version, it is possible that even subcontractors offer themselves. This function has now been extended again so that subcontractors can also specify directly how many people from which categories they can deliver for an event.
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