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Tasks and new filter options

Dear customers,

Before you can schedule staff for your events, many things often need to be done. No matter if you create offers, rent additional material or provide a list of participants - the preparation is full of tasks that need to be done. With the new GigPlaner version, you now have the opportunity to record these tasks, assign them to your employees and track them.

In addition to this feature, we have also integrated many new views and possibilities in the new version, which is available to you as usual from tomorrow. So there are new filter options as well as a new planning view for the personnel assignments in larger projects with many sub-jobs.

I hope you enjoy reading this update info and wish you all the best

Sven Schlotthauer



Whether for an event or in your own administration - there are a lot of tasks that have to be documented. With the new GigPlaner version, we offer you the opportunity to record these tasks in the system and assign them to individual persons.

Create tasks

New tasks can either be created via the menu item "Tasks" in the navigation or, if the task can be assigned to a project or an event, directly in an event via the "Tasks" tab. Each task receives a title and a description and can be commented. In this way, other employees can always understand what the current state of a topic is.

Assign tasks

Of course, it is also possible to assign individual tasks to specific employees. To do this, simply select a responsible person within a task - this person will automatically be informed about the task by e-mail and will also see it in his login under the menu item "Tasks".

New filter options

Nothing is more important than a quick and good overview. For example, the GigPlaner has a long list of calendar views, such as the availability overview. We have now extended this and other views with additional filter criteria so that you can get an even better picture of your personnel situation in the future.

Availability view

In the availability view, you can now find a filter that allows you to filter employees by their categories (like in the request window in a job), certificates and languages. In this way, you can quickly and easily search for available employees with the properties just needed.


The statistics also got an extended filter that works like the filter in the calendar. It is possible to restrict the values in the statistics to jobs of a specific type or only to jobs that have already been billed. This gives you even more opportunities for analysis based on past events.

New dashboard widgets

  • With the new "Free Times" widget, you or your employees can quickly capture and check their own free time from the dashboard.
  • Of course there are also new widgets for the tasks: With "My Tasks" you have a quick overview of the tasks assigned to you, with the "Task overview" you can check the status of the tasks assigned to your employees.
  • The "Job Filter" widget has been extended with new filter options with this release. In addition to "planning finished" you can now also filter by the probability and billed or canceled jobs.

Plan employees in a project

For large projects with many sub-jobs, there is now an additional planning view in the view of the sub-jobs in addition to the short record function. With this you have the opportunity to quickly and easily redistribute the already booked or requested employees and thus ensure the best possible utilization.

Further changes

  • The statistics have been extended by a view for the vehicles. This will give you an evaluation like the total number of kilometers traveled in a month.
  • The request after a change of the job period, if the employees should be requested again, can be deactivated in the administration under Jobs > General.
  • The calculation introduced with the last version has been extended by a new compact variant in which a short table view based on the categories is created instead of the detailed list. However, this variant can only be used if the prices in the categories within the job or within the sub-jobs do not differ.
  • In the user groups you can now define whether users are allowed to see employees in the job who are not available.
  • It is also possible to define via the user groups whether employees may still access jobs that they have already rejected. Otherwise this is only possible for max. 24h after the cancellation to correct any incorrect entries.
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